Wedding shower:  vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, royal icing flowers.
 I've been expanding into the world of cupcakes more and more.  Want proof?
Birthday:  vanilla cake, pink vanilla buttercream, white chocolate shoes and crowns

Vow renewal:  vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, royal icing roses

Valentine's Day:  chocolate buttermilk cake, vanilla frosting and flowers

Just because!:  chocolate-peanut-butter cake, chocolate ganache

Nana's 95th Birthday

My Nana (my Daddy's mom) turned 95!!! on 8/13/11.  We celebrated with a small family dinner... I brought dessert.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling, frosting, and decorations
Happy birthday, Nana!  We love you and are already looking forward to 96!

Time To Catch Up

I have been WAY slacking on this whole blog thing!  According to The Pioneer Woman, you should blog often, like watering a plant.  Well, hopefully my blog is just a little malnourished cactus and hasn't completely withered away yet!  Y'all still with me?  Hello??  Is this thing on?!

Anyway... check out the Flickr slideshow to the left for a tiny preview of pictures I will be posting eventually soon!  Lots of birthdays, a wedding or two, and more!


Misc. Jobs

Happy Birthday, Preston!

Preston C. turned 2 in April, and celebrated with a Baseball themed birthday party.  His Mom and Dad asked me to make Preston and his friends a really awesome cake, so I did my best!

The cake was chocolate, with peanut butter filling and chocolate frosting.  The baseball was leftover cake scraps I mushed up with lots of frosting and shaped into a baseball.

I added grass with a cool new tip I bought... works well for making hairy monster faces, too!

In case not everyone wanted chocolate/ peanut butter cake, I made some yellow cupcakes with chocolate filling and baseballs on top.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!  Thanks for letting me come play with you!