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Happy Birthday, Preston!

Preston C. turned 2 in April, and celebrated with a Baseball themed birthday party.  His Mom and Dad asked me to make Preston and his friends a really awesome cake, so I did my best!

The cake was chocolate, with peanut butter filling and chocolate frosting.  The baseball was leftover cake scraps I mushed up with lots of frosting and shaped into a baseball.

I added grass with a cool new tip I bought... works well for making hairy monster faces, too!

In case not everyone wanted chocolate/ peanut butter cake, I made some yellow cupcakes with chocolate filling and baseballs on top.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!  Thanks for letting me come play with you!


Catching Up from April

Madelyn helped her brother Preston blow out the 2 candles on his baseball birthday cake!  More pictures to come of that later....

My parents celebrated 29 years of marriage in April.  This cake was yellow butter with Mexican vanilla frosting.  As my first attempt at basket-weave, I think I did pretty well!  My roses are coming along nicely too.  Helps to finally figure out the right consistency for frosting.


Time flies when you're....

- Celebrating your wedding anniversary
- Spending time w/ Mom on Mother's Day
- Starting a new job
- Hanging out at the pool, because it's already over 97 degrees on average these days
- Turning 26
- Whatever else I've been up to since MARCH.

Obviously, I've been a little side-tracked and haven't updated in 2 months.  I will make it a point tonight to post new pictures and updates and tell you all about the upcoming yummies you'll have the pleasure of drooling over.

AND I got a new KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday!
Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?  She's been sitting on my counter since Sunday, begging me to use her.  Think I'll bust out something tonight, just to break her in.  Suggestions? (From the 5 of you that may read this.....)


Baby Caldwell Reveal

The gender reveal cake was a huge hit!  Kara and her hubby had a great time surprising everyone with a bright BLUE cake on Sunday!  Can't wait to see you in September, Baby Boy Caldwell!


Spring Has Sprung!

Welcome Spring!  You have been missed.  Well, not you, Pollen. 

I've learned lately that cake decorating is kind of a "feast or famine" venture... you're either not doing a thing but practicing and sending treats to your husband's co-workers, or your drowning in a sea of batter and icing and dirty dishes!  The past week was the feast... and I'm proud to say I think I did some awesome work in the past 4 days!

See??  My refrigerator is full.  Proof that I've been busy!

Anyway... back to stuff I've done....

 Birthday cakes for Tara and Daddy!  (Check out my new product labels on the box!  Cool, huh?)
 Tara requested a strawberry-flavored Tiffany box.  And that's what she got.  Because my sister rocks and I'd give her the world if I could.  Until then, I'll just give her cake.  I was especially proud of the pearlized ribbon and pearls... I heart luster dust!
Daddy's cake was also shaped to be a present.  Yellow cake with funfetti filling and buttercream frosting.  Watch your eye tho!  Those fondant curls can get sharp on the ends!

 This little gem is for a highschool friend of mine.  She and her hubby are expecting a baby in a few months and are revealing the gender of the baby to his family this weekend!
After Kara mentioned that the cake is actually supposed to be a birthday cake with the gender color-coded inside, I had to make a few adjustments.  No biggie!  Glad I got before and after shots, tho.  I'll let you know what color it is after the big reveal!

 Finally, we get to the Italian themed wedding shower package.  Remember the couple I did the engagement cake for?  Well, I was commissioned to do a small cake and cupcakes for their wedding shower this coming Sunday as well.  The theme is rustic Italy, since they are taking their two-week long honeymoon in Italy! (so very jealous, btw)  The cake is vanilla with whipped chocolate creme filling and vanilla buttercream frosting and decorations.
 The cupcakes for the guests are also vanilla cake, and are filled with the whipped chocolate creme.  Topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorations, including grape bunches and Italian words for "love", "i love you", "wife", "honor", and "faith".
Ahhh, that buttercream tastes just like homemade vanilla ice cream.  Loves.

So that's what I've been up to over the past week.  April should be fun... I'm doing an anniversary cake for my parents and a birthday cake for Preston C.... then Hubs and I are celebrating 1 year of wedded bliss!  Pat us on the back! 


Stoneback-Timberman Engagement

Congratulations to Ashley Stoneback and Rob Timberman!  May you have tons of fun at your engagement party, wedding, and throughout your marriage!


Movin' on up!

I just wanted to share that I finally ordered BUSINESS CARDS for MGH Cakes!!!  Pretty excited and can't wait to pass them around to you and your friends!!!

I got a great deal from VistaPrint; you should check out some of the specials they're running!


Madelyn Clifford's 3rd Birthday

Madelyn turned 3 on January 5, and I was so excited to make this sweetheart her birthday cake! 

Madelyn's mommy, Allyson (and her sister Stephanie) used to babysit my sister and me, so we were both very excited to spend the day with this awesome family.

Blowing out candles is a very important part of birthday cakes!  It takes lots of concentration.

Licking the candles is the next important step.

The cake was strawberry with strawberry filling (this is becoming a favorite of my clients!) and buttercream frosting.  The argyle pattern was piped on in Madelyn's favorite colors - pink, white, and BLUE!

 Madelyn's little brother, Preston, had to join in, of course.  Love his beautiful blue eyes!

So, Happy Birthday sweet Madelyn!  Thank you for letting me help celebrate your big day.  Can't wait to come back for Brother's in April!

P.S.  Thanks to Tara for the awesome pics!


Madelyn's Birthday Preview

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday in its entirety will be posted as soon as the photographer gets her act together (Sister is headed back to school this week so it may take a month or so!).  But until then.....



Happy Birthday Mommy!

So this cake is a little out of order in when I made it (October!), but my dear, sweet, BUSY sister just got the pics to me.  She's an amateur photographer and in graduate school... the two don't jive very well as far as time management goes!


My mom turned 40-something back in October and we had a small family celebration for her.  Being the baker in the family now, I was commissioned to come up with something yummy.

This is a 3-layer yellow butter cake with chocolate Fluffy Bunny filling (a homemade chocolate whipped cream, basically.  I just renamed it!) and vanilla buttercream frosting.

The flowers and monogram disc were an experiment in fondant, and turned out pretty well!

It was a little guy - used 6" pans - but ended up being close to 7" tall! 

Coming soon:  Madelyn Clifford's 3rd Birthday  :-)