Madelyn Clifford's 3rd Birthday

Madelyn turned 3 on January 5, and I was so excited to make this sweetheart her birthday cake! 

Madelyn's mommy, Allyson (and her sister Stephanie) used to babysit my sister and me, so we were both very excited to spend the day with this awesome family.

Blowing out candles is a very important part of birthday cakes!  It takes lots of concentration.

Licking the candles is the next important step.

The cake was strawberry with strawberry filling (this is becoming a favorite of my clients!) and buttercream frosting.  The argyle pattern was piped on in Madelyn's favorite colors - pink, white, and BLUE!

 Madelyn's little brother, Preston, had to join in, of course.  Love his beautiful blue eyes!

So, Happy Birthday sweet Madelyn!  Thank you for letting me help celebrate your big day.  Can't wait to come back for Brother's in April!

P.S.  Thanks to Tara for the awesome pics!

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