Happy Birthday Mommy!

So this cake is a little out of order in when I made it (October!), but my dear, sweet, BUSY sister just got the pics to me.  She's an amateur photographer and in graduate school... the two don't jive very well as far as time management goes!


My mom turned 40-something back in October and we had a small family celebration for her.  Being the baker in the family now, I was commissioned to come up with something yummy.

This is a 3-layer yellow butter cake with chocolate Fluffy Bunny filling (a homemade chocolate whipped cream, basically.  I just renamed it!) and vanilla buttercream frosting.

The flowers and monogram disc were an experiment in fondant, and turned out pretty well!

It was a little guy - used 6" pans - but ended up being close to 7" tall! 

Coming soon:  Madelyn Clifford's 3rd Birthday  :-)

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