And So It Begins

Well, here goes nuthin'! 

Guess I'll start off with a little about me... or what led me here in any case.  I got engaged in March of 2009 and quickly became obsessed with The Cake.  Not my dress, which was gorgeous.  Not the flowers, which could not have been prettier.  Not the music (well, kinda), not the guest list... The Cake.  It had to feed at least 100 people and taste like perfection.  I wanted each of those 100 people that it fed to leave our wedding and say, "Wow, that was a fantastic wedding cake!"  I only went to 1 photographer, 2 gown shops, and 3 florists, but we may have visited 5 bakeries (this is a lot) to decide on The Cake.  My dear husband-to-be was very involved in this process and we finally decided on this masterpiece from Sugar Kneads Bakery in Loganville:

It was heavenly.  Each tier was alternating red velvet, vanilla, and red velvet cake, with cream cheese filling between each layer.  Iced in pale blue buttercream.  Details were ivory royal icing.  Green ribbon edged the base of each tier and our carefully-picked topper was the crowning glory.  My mouth is literally watering looking at it again.  Hubby and I can't wait til our first anniversary (Sugar Kneads re-creates your top tier so it's as fresh and delish as the original!).

After all the sampling and designing and being so pleased with the final product, I thought to myself...

Wouldn't it be fun to learn how to do this?  I need a hobby.  I like to eat cake.  I'll just combine them and see where it takes me.

For Christmas last year, my parents gave me a gift certificate for the Wilton Class I, along with the basic supplies for the class.  The rest is (will be?) history.  Since then, I have been asked to make a wedding cake, anniversary cake, Christmas cake, and multiple birthday cakes. 

So that's it.  That's how my tiny, kitchen-consuming hobby was created and why I will judge every cake I eat from now until I can't stand cake anymore.  I hope that's not anytime soon!


  1. I wish you would have started this hobby two years ago when I got married! My wedding cake was GORGE, but the groom's cake looked like a five-year old made it (I'm sure you remember...we had this conversation once!)I would have SO hired you! =)

  2. I'll just have to do one for a vow renewal then, huh? ;-)